Privacy Policies are a critical part of any real estate transaction. They protect the interests of both the seller and the buyer, define expectations, commitments, and rights for each party in the agreement.

  • Payment can be done outright or in installments, installment options are available for 3months and 6 months. Clients are encouraged to make payments on time to ensure a swift and seamless documentation process, delayed payment may cause Danbel properties & investments limited to move the client to any of our available property of the same value.
  • None payment when due will be regarded as a fundamental breach of agreement, which will result in a 5% monthly late charge, and possible relocation of the plot initially allocated, to another within the estate with the same specifications, and or possible revocation of said plots.
  • A corner piece requires a 10% surcharge, a commercial plot attracts a 20% surcharge.
  • All clients are encouraged to make deposits for our products to company bank accounts only, not your agent or realtors account, we have a variety of accounts available to receive your payments. Danbel properties & Investments limited shall not be responsible for any liability that may arise as a result of deviation from the above instructions.
  • There is a 90 day deadline after payment for plots to complete payment on survey/allocation and land agreement fees, to avoid loss of allocation or being reallocated to another person.
  • Refunds are possible if you cannot continue payment but attracted a 30% administrative fee, and a 3 month processing period for a full refund.
  • Property resale is possible, but must be sought and consented by the developers of the estate, we would require the seller to furnish the company with details of the buyer.

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