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Investing In Real Estate In Nigeria: Diaspora Edition.

Posted by Danbel Properties Investments on January 20, 2024

It’s well known in the modern world today, that real estate is a lucrative way of compounding your finances through investments, particularly in Lagos, Nigeria, where high returns have been reported over the years. This advantage is not limited to Nigerians within the country alone, even if you have Japa’ed, you can still invest your money in real estate back home through the right sources.



Real estate is a constant in the bracket of solid investments, those who have been there and done it before, millionaire, billionaires, all confirm that real estate is good way to invest your money, which brings us to the first reason why … its a tangible asset. Real estate investments involve physical assets that you can see feel and touch, physical assets provide security and stability in times of economic instability and market volatility,

Another good reason why is the tax benefits, real estate investments in Nigeria offer tax advantages that may not be accessible abroad.

There is also high demand for quality housing in Nigeria, you can source for yourself a steady income stream through annual collections on rental homes. You simply build land in a promising location, build and rent to secure your cashflow.

There is also the appreciation in value of the property over a long term, land is an asset that does not depreciate and history shows that early investments in real estate can reap long term benefits overtime.

Your Heritage. No matter where you are around the world, its always important to have ties to your home country, owning a piece of the land that you came from is a great way to do this.


There are key steps to take when considering an investment in real estate in Nigeria. Regardless of whether you are in the country or abroad, you must do your due diligence. Do your research
firstly about prominent locations in Nigeria that can yield high returns on investments, an example of this is the Ibeju-Lekki and Epe axis, for a number of reason, but mostly because of the proposed Lekki-Epe international airport that is set to completely transform the value of that Landscape. After you have identified that are of interest, seek partnership.

There are a number of real estate agents in Nigeria, that can make it very smooth and easy for you to secure your stake in real estate, as oppose to doing it yourself, local agents are very up to date with the legal and regulatory framework of real estate acquisition from abroad, they will guide you through the right steps and process you need to take to legally secure your stake.

The next step would be to assess the risks involved in the investment. There is no risk without reward and there is no investment without risk, discuss with your local agent about the risks involved
and how best to mitigate said risk, then personally consider for yourself if it is a risk worth taking.

Finally the financial planning, assess your personal finances and consider if it is an investment
you can undertake solely, if not explore other options like crowd funding, private lenders, financial institutions etc.


As soon as possible !

The value of real estate continues to appreciate rapidly, and it is no different in Nigeria. At some point in time, land in Lekki was being sold as low as 1 million naira per plot, today a plot in Lekki is over a 100 million. The early you invest the cheaper it will be to acquire property and the better the returns. Here at Danbel we still have properties for sale in the hotspots of Lagos, both in Ibeju-Lekki and Epe.

Our Windspring estate in Ibeju-Lekki is an investor’s choice location. It is in a fast developing neighborhood, right beside proposed regional highways that links Lekki Epe Express straight to Lekki Free Trade Zone. Location: Oju Agbe, Ibeju Community ,Off Lekki Epe Express Way 5Mins Drive From Pan-Atlantic University.

Land Title: GAZETTE

Size: 500sqm
Outright Payment(0-3months):NGN12,900,000
0-6 months: NGN13,200,000
Documentation Fee:NGN1,300,000
Development Levy : NGN800,000
Total: NGN15,000,000

Size: 300sqm(Half plot)
Outright price0-3months: NGN9,600,000
0-6months- NGN9,900,000
Documentation Fee:NGN1,300,000
Development Levy :NGN800,000
Total: NGN11,700,000

We also have our Avalanche Hill Park Estate located in Eredo Epe.


SIZE: 500sqm (Full plot)
Outright Price: NGN3,500,000
Survey: NGN400,000
Development Levy: NGN1,000,000
Deed of Assignment: NGN100,000

FULL PLOT: #5,050,000(Inclusive of all statutory fee)

SIZE: 300sqm (Half plot)
Outright Price: NGN2,000,000
Survey: NGN400,000
Development Levy: NGN500,000
Deed of Assignment: NGN100,000

HALF PLOT-#3,050,000(inclusive of all statutory fee)

Either of these two options are sufficient enough to kick start your real estate journey from wherever you as in the world as a Diaspora, so reach out to us today and let us guide you in your journey in real estate.

Think Investment, Think Real Estate, Think Danbel.


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