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Deed Of Gift

Posted by Danbel Properties Investments on December 9, 2023

Christmas is almost upon us, as we start thinking about what to give our loved ones and important associates or acquaintances, don’t rule out the possibility of gifting someone with real estate. You could decide to surprise your partner or close friend you want to appreciate with that property you bought a while back but have no use for, or buy a piece of real estate, it could be a fully furnished duplex, or just a barren land in a prime location waiting to be developed. After securing ownership of the property, transfer the ownership with a deed of gift !

A deed of gift is a legal document that facilitates the transfer of ownership rights on a property, from one party to another, without an exchange on consideration or compensation. Where the gifter voluntarily transfers their right of ownership to the recipient, it is a document that protects both parties, ensuring there is no coercion before the fact, and the ownership rights can’t be requested back after the fact, as a deed of gift is irrevocable.

Now there are many benefits transferring ownerships with a deed of gift, some of which include:

  1. It saves time, energy and resources as oppose to having to apply for a probate
  2. No capital gain tax as the property was gifted not sold
  3. Much cheaper to transfer ownership with a deed of gift as oppose to other forms of ownership transfer.
  4. The gifter in most cases is always alive and well to prove the authentication of transfer, avoid ambiguity on ownership, like a will, leaving no room for disputes in future.

Now with all this information, surely we have made it easier for you to make your decision on what you are going to be gifting someone this Christmas ?

Why don’t you gift some Land to a loved one today ?

Our catalog has properties in prime locations, any of which the recipient of your gift can reap its benefits and make a fortune in future, we have:

Our Avalanche Hill Park Estate, located in Eredo Epe which is currently under a massive promo, buy 5 plots outright and get 1 for free !


SIZE: 500sqm (Full plot)
Outright Price: NGN3,500,000
Survey: NGN400,000
Development Levy: NGN1,000,000
Deed of Assignment: NGN100,000

FULL PLOT: #5,050,000 (Inclusive of all statutory fee)

SIZE: 300sqm (Half plot)
Outright Price: NGN2,000,000
Survey: NGN400,000
Development Levy: NGN500,000
Deed of Assignment: NGN100,000

HALF PLOT-#3,050,000 (inclusive of all statutory fee)

Our Avalanche Park Estate, Located in Igbogun Ibeju Lekki, you might want to hurry for this one as we are closing its sales at the end of the year !

LAND TITLE: Registered Survey and Deed of Assignment

SIZE: 600sqm (Full plot)
Outright Price(0-3months): NGN3,220,000
0-6 months- NGN3,500,000
Initial deposit: NGN1,000,000

SIZE: 300sqm (Half plot)
Outright Price (0-3months): NGN2,220,000
0-6 months- NGN 2,500,000
Initial deposit: NGN1,000,000

Survey: NGN200,000
Development Levy: NGN200,000
Deed of Assignment: NGN50,000
Demarcation: NGN30,000

FULL PLOT: #3,700,000(Inclusive of all statutory fee)
HALF PLOT-#2,700,000(inclusive of all statutory fee)

Think Investment, Think Real Estate, Think Danbel !


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