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Banking Vs Land Banking

Posted by Danbel Properties Investments on November 11, 2023


Now every adult at some point has heard about Investments, so many financial gurus on and offline have always emphasized on the need for investments,
to secure your road to financial freedom, but where and what do you start investing in ? Forex ? Stock Options ? Bonds ?
There are many options out there, but what if I told you there is 1 type of investment with a low risk and high return on interest ?
Stay with me …

5 years ago while you were earning money, you were putting it in the bank for very little annual interest from said bank,
whilst your neighbor decided to be sharp and put their money inside the ground, yes I said it, the ground !
Not that they carried shovel and dug up dirt and buried the money, no, your neighbor decided to buy land !
And your neighbor is one of many but few sharp people who are reaping the benefits of that investment today !


Land banking is a term that is self explanatory, rather than putting money in a savings account, some investors have taken a different approach by purchasing land,
and putting their money into a tangible fixed asset that cannot be broken, stolen or destroyed.

Your neighbor who bought land somewhere in Epe or Ibeju Lekki for 250k 5 years ago, land around that area is now worth over 2million naira.
You who decide to leave your money in your saving accounts, waiting on 5 to 7% annual interest,
taking in consideration the effects of COVID, naira devaluation, inflation, elimination of subsidy.
The money may have increased a little, but your purchasing power has diminished dramatically, with the current high costs of living!
Land is the only asset in the world that does not depreciate, meaning the value will only go upward and so will the trajectory of your money invested, a word is enough for the wise !


Absolutely !

Danbel Properties & Investments Limited is here for you. We are a reputable real estate company into development, re-development, sales and acquisition of properties.
With a team of professionals, we take our time to plan, research and do our due diligence in finding the right real estate investment for our clients,
and we certainly have a few properties with a projected high return on Interest. Epe and Ibeju Lekki are current gold mines in Lagos, due to the massive infrastructural development that is set to be unveiled in the next ten years, we have two estates strategically located in Epe and Ibeju Lekki respectively:

Avalanche park estate, currently going for 3,700,000 naira per plot, located in Igbogun Ibeju Lekki.

Avalanche Hill park, currently going for 5,050,000 naira per plot, located in Eredo Epe.

These two estates are hot on the market right now, we could see the value of the land go up very soon, and by the time you make the decision to secure a plot, we may have sold out !
So hurry and put your money in the right place today and Land Bank with us at Danbel !


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