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How to prove ownership of land in case of an Omonile scam.

Posted by Danbel Properties Investments on August 30, 2023


Purchasing a piece of land is a significant life decision, and protecting your investment is of utmost importance. In Nigeria, Omonile scams pose a considerable threat to land buyers. These scams involve individuals falsely claiming ownership of land and extorting money from unsuspecting buyers. If you find yourself entangled in such a situation, it’s crucial to know how to prove your ownership and protect your rights.

Understanding Omonile Scams

What are Omonile Scams?

Omoniles are local landowners who have inherited land through generations. However, some unauthorized individuals exploit this system and claim ownership falsely. Omonile scams involve these impostors selling land that isn’t rightfully theirs, often to multiple buyers.

How Do Omonile Scams Occur?

Omonile scams typically start with false land documents and identities. Scammers forge papers, including title deeds and survey plans, and present themselves as legitimate landowners. Unsuspecting buyers, unaware of due diligence, fall into this trap.

Common Red Flags of Omonile Scams

Identifying potential scams is critical. Red flags include unrealistically low prices, high-pressure sales tactics, a reluctance to provide proper documentation, and verbal agreements without written contracts. Vigilance is key to avoiding scams.

Researching the Land’s History

Obtaining Land Records

Begin by researching land records at the relevant land registry office. Official records can verify ownership claims and uncover discrepancies. Look for title deeds, survey plans, and any encumbrances on the land.

Validating Ownership Claims

Consult with the community association to validate ownership claims. They can provide insights into the legitimate landowners. Additionally, engage with neighbors to gather information about the history of the land.

Engaging Legal Assistance

Hiring a Property Lawyer

Enlisting a property lawyer is essential for legal guidance. A lawyer can conduct a thorough title search, verify documents, and ensure due diligence. Their expertise is invaluable in navigating the legal complexities.

Importance of Legal Documentation

Proper documentation is your shield against scams. Ensure all agreements are in writing, including the sales contract and payment receipts. These documents should be reviewed and approved by your lawyer.

Documenting the Transaction

Sales Agreements and Contracts

Draft a comprehensive sales agreement that outlines all terms and conditions. The agreement should detail the parties involved, the land’s description, payment terms, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

Payment Receipts and Acknowledgments

Every payment you make should be acknowledged with receipts. Maintain a record of these receipts as evidence of your financial commitment to the land purchase.

Surveying the Land

Conducting a Land Survey

A professional land surveyor can accurately measure and map the land. This survey provides a clear picture of the land’s boundaries and ensures alignment with official records.

Geometric and Layout Plans

Geometric surveys and layout plans offer visual representations of the land’s dimensions and features. These plans, signed by a surveyor, enhance the credibility of your ownership claim.

Community and Government Involvement

Informing the Community Association

Notify the local community association of your land purchase. This step ensures that the legitimate community members are aware of your ownership and can validate it if necessary.

Registering with Relevant Government Agencies

Register your land with the appropriate government agencies. This registration strengthens your legal position and provides an official record of your ownership.

Taking Photographs and Videos

Capturing the Land and Boundaries

Document the land comprehensively through photographs and videos. Capture landmarks, neighboring properties, and any unique features that can help identify the land’s location.

Timestamping for Authenticity

Timestamp your visual documentation to establish the timeline of your visits. This will bolster the authenticity of your evidence in case of disputes.

Maintaining Communication

Regular Interaction with Sellers

Maintain open communication with the sellers throughout the process. Regular interaction can help build a relationship of trust and transparency.

Written Correspondence and Emails

Use written correspondence, such as emails and letters, to document communication. These written records can serve as evidence of discussions and agreements.

Gathering Witnesses

Identifying Neutral Witnesses

Neutral witnesses who can testify to your presence and interactions on the land are valuable. These witnesses can provide affidavits or statements if disputes arise.

Witness Statements and Affidavits

Collect witness statements or affidavits that affirm your presence and the legitimacy of your land transactions. These statements add weight to your case.

Preserving Financial Records

Bank Statements and Payment Traces

Keep all bank statements showing payments related to the land purchase. These records establish a financial trail and reinforce your commitment.

Linking Payments to the Transaction

Ensure that payment references clearly relate to the land transaction. This linkage adds credibility to your claims.

Educating Yourself and Others

Spreading Awareness about Scams

Share your knowledge and experiences with others to raise awareness about Omonile scams. Educating potential buyers can prevent them from falling victim to scams.

Sharing Preventive Measures

Empower others by sharing preventive measures. Educate them about due diligence, legal documentation, and the importance of engaging professionals.

Involving Law Enforcement

Filing a Report with Evidence

If you suspect an Omonile scam, file a report with the evidence you’ve gathered. Include documents, photographs, witness statements, and any correspondence.

Working with Local Authorities

Collaborate with local law enforcement and legal authorities. Your comprehensive evidence can aid in their investigation and help bring scammers to justice.


Falling victim to an Omonile scam can be devastating, but by following these steps, you can protect your ownership rights and stand against fraudulent claims. Remember, diligence, documentation, and legal support are your strongest allies in these situations.


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