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The pursuit of happiness (story series) Part 2

Posted by DanbelProInv on March 4, 2023

Continued from Part 1

Femi and Chika’s pursuit of homeownership was far from easy. They faced a litany of challenges and setbacks that threatened to derail their dreams at every turn.

As they began to explore the real estate market, Femi and Chika quickly realized that prices were exorbitant, far beyond what they could afford on their modest incomes. They looked at apartments and houses in different neighborhoods around Lagos, but each time they found something that they liked, they were told that it had already been sold or that the asking price was far beyond what they could afford.

Frustrated and disheartened, Femi and Chika turned to a real estate agent for help. They hoped that the agent could help them navigate the complex market and find something that they could afford. But instead, they encountered corruption and greed at every turn. The agent demanded high fees upfront and promised them a house that was far beyond their means. When they pressed the agent on the specifics of the house, they realized that it was little more than a shoddy, poorly constructed structure that would require extensive repairs and renovations.

Disappointed, Femi and Chika continued their search on their own. They scoured online listings, spoke with friends and family members, and even visited local construction sites to ask about available properties. But each time they thought they had found something promising, they were met with disappointment. They saw houses that were falling apart, apartments that were tiny and cramped, and neighborhoods that were unsafe and unsanitary.

Their search dragged on for months, and Femi and Chika began to feel discouraged. They wondered if homeownership was truly within their grasp, or if it was simply an impossible dream in Lagos.

To make matters worse, they encountered corrupt landlords who were all too eager to exploit their financial difficulties. One landlord raised the rent on their apartment by an astronomical amount, even though the building was in disrepair and lacked basic amenities like running water and electricity. Another landlord refused to make necessary repairs to their apartment, leaving them to live with leaky roofs and faulty plumbing.

Through it all, Femi and Chika remained determined to find a way to achieve their dreams. They knew that owning a home was the key to securing their future and building a life together. But as the months dragged on and their options dwindled, they began to wonder if their dreams would ever come true.

Just when they thought all hope was lost, they heard about a new development that was being built on the outskirts of Lagos. The development promised affordable, high-quality housing for working families, with modern amenities and easy access to the city center. It seemed too good to be true, but Femi and Chika decided to investigate.

When they arrived at the development, they were impressed by what they saw. The houses were spacious and well-designed, with ample room for a family to grow. The neighborhood was clean and safe, with well-maintained streets and green spaces. And the developers seemed honest and transparent, with no hidden fees or surprises.

Excited by the prospect of finally achieving their dream, Femi and Chika decided to move forward with the purchase. They applied for a mortgage and secured financing, using their life savings as a down payment. They worked with the developers to customize their house to their liking, adding personal touches that made it truly feel like home.

But even as they celebrated their success, Femi and Chika knew that the road ahead would not be easy. They still had to navigate the bureaucracy of property ownership in Nigeria, with its complex laws and regulations. And they still faced the reality of living in a city that was often chaotic and unpredictable.

Despite these challenges, Femi and Chika felt hopeful for the first time in a long time. They knew that they had achieved something truly special.

To be continued…………….


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