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Top reason to avoid Omo-onile: Signing fees

Posted by DanbelProInv on August 17, 2022

For the majority of Nigerians, who live in a nation known as the “poverty capital” of the world, the process of purchasing a property and building on it might seem like an overwhelming task. The last thing a real estate investor wants after paying for land is needless intimidation from the community where they decide to construct, but regrettably, this is inevitable in most areas of the nation, with Lagos being one of the most brutal.
The omo-onile signing fee is a cost that must be paid no matter how much money has been paid for a piece of property. These are community-imposed required fees that must be paid in order to use construct anything on that property.

Some of the fees are as follows:

  • Fee for constructing a foundation
  • Charge for retrieving the Deed of Assignment as evidence of land acquisition
  • Charge to fence your property as a security measure against land fraudsters.
  • Charge to build anything outside of a foundation
  • Cost to build a roof over the property
  • Community charge for purchasing land inside their community

There is no set cost for these fees, which might range from hundreds of thousands to millions depending on the size of the site and the buildings being constructed there.

This is just another justification for why it is always advisable to purchase property from a real estate developer like Danbel Properties and Limited. We have perfected the art of dealing with omo-oniles, which gives the consumer a free ride to property ownership, thanks to our years of expertise in the field.

Give us a call right away to begin your stress-free real estate experience.


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