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Reasons Real Estate Professionals Have the Best Job Satisfaction

Posted by DanbelProInv on March 12, 2022

According to studies, real estate agents enjoy some of the highest levels of job satisfaction across all professions. When you’re spending a 12-hour day just trying to get through all of the responsibilities on your plate, it may not seem like it, but study shows that real estate salespeople are 17 percent happier in their jobs than workers in other professions.

What Gives Agents Job Satisfaction?

Real estate agents enjoy many aspects of their work. So, what is it about working as a real estate agent that makes people so happy? A study of real estate agents from around the world was conducted. Here’s what was discovered.

1. The ability to help people

Working as a real estate agent allows you to assist customers in making one of the most important financial decisions of their lives. You’re also assisting them in locating properties where they can make lasting memories. This provides a high level of job satisfaction for many real estate agents. In fact, 91 percent of those polled said this was vital to their job satisfaction. They understand the importance of their job.

2. Real estate agents value their flexible schedule

Overall, 84 percent of respondents said this is the most important factor in their job happiness. Real estate is a career that you can fit around your family, education, and side projects. You can choose when and how many hours you work each week because you are your own employer. This can make juggling multiple responsibilities more manageable.

3. Income potential

When asked about this, 77 percent of respondents said it was a major role in their job happiness. There are no income limits in real estate. There is the possibility to earn more and more if you facilitate large transactions or have a higher volume of transactions. To generate more money than their competitors, top-earning real estate brokers use comparable tactics.

4. Being their own boss

For many workers, not having to answer to anybody else can be liberating. 74 percent of respondents stated this was significant to their job happiness in the poll. When you work in real estate, you are your own boss. You decide how to run your company, when to work, and which clients you’ll work with.

5. The on-the-go work environment

A mobile work environment was cited by 55 percent of real estate agents as a factor in their job happiness. Real estate is constantly evolving, and no two days are alike. Clients and properties come and go on a daily basis, and your tasks are rarely the same.

However, a lot of real estate agents stated that they were dissatisfied with their jobs as realtors, owing to low pay and a lack of sales abilities.

If you fall into this category or want to start a career as a realtor, contact us today and we’ll put you through a series of intensive training sessions to equip you with the abilities you’ll need to become one of the finest realtors in the business.


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