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Squid Game: 5 Lessons for real estate investors

Posted by DanbelProInv on October 13, 2021


If you haven’t completed Squid Game yet, or if you think you might want to watch it later, don’t read this.

Squid Game is a worldwide sensation.

The South Korean drama is on course to become the most-watched Netflix show of all time, and with good reason. It’s relevant, a modern-day tale. Everyone who has seen it is completely enamored with it.

However, there are vital lessons that real estate investors can learn.

Again, SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!

Here are a few lessons that Real Estate investors can learn from Squid Game

1. Red light, Green Light

In the game “Red Light, Green Light”, one person commands those behind them to run during a green light and hold still during a red light and eliminates those who move during a red light stage. At the start of the game in the movie, the first players who ran through, made light-hearted bets about who will get to the end first. Until the robot doll calls red light and snipers gun down the moving players.

Download MP3: Squid Game – Red light Green light » Soloplay

Lessons for real estate investors: Don’t make hasty decisions, since they may turn out to be catastrophic. While you may have a set timeline for achieving your real estate investing goals, you must constantly know when to pause and when to go on.

2. Ppopgi (Honeycomb Candy)

Gi-hun picks the umbrella, the most difficult shape! He realizes it’s going to be difficult to get the piece out by chipping away at it, but realizes he can lick the back of the candy to melt it. Mi-nyeo and Deok-su use a smuggled lighter. Sang-woo and Player 111 had information about the game in advance and picked the easiest shapes! They all get out alive.

Lesson for real estate investors: Don’t always rely on the information given to you by realtors and even real estate companies. Sometimes you need to dive deeper. The answer you are seeking can sometimes be gotten when you decide to use a little imagination.

Squid Game' has sparked a dalgona candy craze on TikTok

3. Tug of War

Gi-hun’s team didn’t have the strongest players. But they were able to follow Player 001’s strategy, which got them an advantage at the start. And then Sang-woo, arguably the smartest on the team comes up with a move that saves the team in the end.

Squid Game games, ranked by how real and terrifying they are - Polygon

Lesson for real estate investors: Don’t look down on advice from anyone. Even though they might not be experts in the field, they could know something that will be beneficial to your goal. You must remember that people have different world views, priorities and ideas, which can make you more successful.

4. Marbles

During the marble game, Sang-Woo tricks Ali into giving him his bag of marbles to make it fit around his neck, and Ali, who we have come to know as trusting, hands it to him. Little did he know that Sang-Woo had exchanged the bag and filled it with stones. And with no marbles left, Ali loses and is shot.

What are the Six Deadly games in Squid Game - Full Detail about Squid Game deadly games » Amazfeed

Lesson for real estate investors: Making an investing choice purely on the basis of trust is risky. Don’t invest if you don’t have all of the facts concerning that particular real estate investment. After all, Warren Buffet, the well-known billionaire, once said, “Never invest in a business you don’t understand.”

5. Glass Bridge

Player 017 was a glass expert! He could figure out which glass panel was tempered and safe for the players, and which panel was normal glass. If it wasn’t for Sang-woo, the four remaining players totally could have made it to safety.

Man Explains How To Cross The Glass Bridge Without Being Eliminated

Lesson for real estate investors: Experts have an important role, so don’t overlook them. If you want to be a serious real estate investor, you’ll need to hire a Real Estate Lawyer and a Surveyor. Then constantly pay close attention to them. Your real estate lawyer will be more knowledgeable about land documentation than you will ever be, and your surveyor will be more knowledgeable about land titles.

In all, always buy properties from tested and trusted Real Estate Developers like Danbel Properties and Investments Limited.

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