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What is a RED COPY Survey (Record Copy Survery)?

Posted by DanbelProInv on August 25, 2021

What is a RED copy survey? you may ask

To fully understand this, let us tell a story.

A customer approaches a realtor with a survey plan for his land dated 2004, instructing him to complete the title deed because he was now in a financial position to do so.

The survey plan was required since the first stage in the procedure was to get land information from the Surveyor General’s Office in order to determine the condition of the land using a copy of the survey plan.

However, when the land information procedure was carried out at the Surveyor General’s office, the red copy could not be discovered, implying that the land surveyor who prepared the survey plan never submitted a red copy.

When this customer was informed this, he appeared perplexed, almost like he didn’t understand the necessity for and significance of having a red copy of the survey plan lodged.

As a result, the client had to pay for a new survey plan for the land to be drawn and filed with the Surveyor General’s Office in order for his title deed to be completed.

One thing you must understand is that it is not enough to just purchase land; you must be able to demonstrate that you are the legitimate owner.

You’ll need some official paperwork granting you legal title of the property; otherwise, whatever you’ve invested on it may be considered a “dead investment.”

You must, in essence, perfect the tittles.

To do this you need to ensure that your plot of land has a RED copy survey.

So, what is a RED copy survey?

A Record Copy (also known as a Red Copy) is a copy of the original survey made by a Registered Surveyor and kept in the Cadastral Records section of the State Surveyor General’s Office.

Because it is necessary throughout the processing of any land title, the Record Copy is extremely significant. In reality, a survey isn’t finished until the record copy is sent.

After the successful lodgment of the record copy, the surveyor is generally provided evidence of lodgment.

The time it takes to file a Record Copy is dependent on the state where the survey was conducted. Lodgment of the record copy for a survey conducted by a Registered Surveyor in Lagos state should not take more than 2 months following submission.

It is critical for clients to seek proof from the surveyor so that they do not run into problems throughout the title procedure because the documentation was not submitted.

Finally you must understand that it is not possible to process the title on your land if you do not have a RED/RECORD copy survey plan.


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