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Posted by DanbelProInv on August 14, 2021

Last time, we asked the all important question: Can an individual apply for government excision on their land?

Moving forward we concluded that it is impossible to apply for excision but there is hope for people who might have bought land from Omo Onile that does not have government excised title documents.

The solution is one word: RATIFICATION.

This post will explain fully what you need to do.

The menace of Omoonile

More than half of land difficulties in Lagos state are caused by Omonile, duping naïve purchasers who fail to conduct adequate Land Information searches before purchasing committed land, making it difficult for buyers to acquire a Survey Plan registered at the Surveyor General’s office.

Therefore, this makes it impossible to proceed with the processing of the necessary paperwork like the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) or an Approved Building Plan to claim legitimate ownership of the unlawfully bought property, so they live in continual dread of eviction.

Building a plan to claim genuine ownership of the illegally purchased property, so they can live in constant fear of eviction.

Is there a way out?

Fortunately, the Lagos State Government implemented a policy that benefits unsuspecting buyers who have fallen victim to the notorious Omoniles.

The Lagos State Government decided to conduct an inventory of all illegal structures erected in areas under government acquisition and endorsed a decision that all prohibited structures erected on such acquisitions should be given the opportunity to process their papers and be granted building plan approvals, as well as assist the government in providing more housing developments for low-income earners.

This is known as regularisation or ratification.

The Directorate of Land Regularisation (DLR) is in charge of administering such lands.

According to DLR, ratification of title to land is the process of transferring title to people who have acquired uncommitted Government acquisition in error.

The following are the prerequisites for ratification:

  • The subject location cannot be part of a Committed Government Acquisition.
  • The subject site must not be within the boundaries of an existing Forest Reserve or Agricultural Land Use.
  • The subject location must not be in the path of a road.
  • The proper Setback must be followed.
  • The required distances from Drainage Systems, Canals, Oil and Gas Pipelines, Electricity Substations, High Tension Power Lines, Electricity and Telephone Poles, Water Pipelines, and so on must be respected as prescribed by Physical Planning and Town Planning Laws.
  • The subject site must be located within the Ratification Area.

Requirements for Ratification

  • Cover letter from the agent or individual filing the application outlining the completed papers
  • The cover letter must include the applicant’s current address, phone number, and, if feasible, an e-mail address.
  • Lands Bureau application form, duly filled, dated, and signed.
  • 3 (three) passport photos (5 x 5) on a white backdrop
  • The applicant’s letter of authority and methods of identification (where the application is being processed on behalf of the applicant)
  • Land Information Certificate obtained from the Office of the State Surveyor- General Photocopy of Purchase Receipt with Stamp Duty Evidence
  • Certificate of Incorporation for the Company, as well as a document including the details of the Directors.
  • Either a current tax clearance certificate or an electronic tax clearance certificate is required.
  • Sketch Site location map
  • 2 (two) survey plan sun-prints
  • Dated photograph of the subject location


The scale of charges which must be completed include:

  • PREMIUM 25% of the assessed value rate derived from the Fair Market Value
  • ANNUAL GROUND RENT 0.1% of the Premium
  • DEVELOPMENT CHARGES 2% of the Premium
  • STAMP DUTY FEES 0.5% of the Premium
  • REGISTRATION 0.5% of the Premium
  • NTDA FEE 2.0% of the Premium


  • The applicant submits duly completed application form
  • Issuance of Demand Notice for payment
  • The applicant submits all payment receipts
  • Applicant collects Certificate of Occupancy.

As you can see, it is not all doom and gloom if you buy land that does not have proper title.

However, you can avoid this stress altogether by purchasing titled land like WINDSPRING ESTATE from Danbel Properties and Investments Limited. Contact us today to start.


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