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Cost Breakdown for a 3 bedroom bungalow in Nigeria (Part 2)

Posted by DanbelProInv on June 16, 2021

Last time on our Construction Series we wrote the first installment of the 2 part series on the Cost breakdown for a 3 bedroom bungalow in Nigeria. Today, we will be seeing the second installment.

Please keep in mind that the prices shown here may differ significantly from what is available in the market depending on your area. This article should only be used as a guide and should not be used to replace the services of a qualified Quantity Surveyor. So lets dive in.

Upon acquiring your land, next you need to focus on the next stage. Setting out, digging, concrete work, laying foundation blocks, filling, and flooring are common tasks at this stage. Let’s figure out how much each phase will cost.

Material Requirements for Setting-out with profiles

4 pieces of 1×12 plank = ₦1,800 each (Max ₦2,000) + ₦1,600 for dividing each into 5 at ₦400 each = ₦8,200

4 bundles of Pegs at ₦1,600 each = ₦4,800

2″ and 3′ Nails = ₦2,000 worth of nails

4 bundles of rope at ₦400 each = ₦1,600

Labour = ₦5,000

Approximate cost of setting-out = ₦21,600

Material Requirements for Digging/Excavation

Either you or the labourers will rent some diggers and shovels for the job. These tools can cost about ₦3,000 to rent.

Labour = ₦5,000

Approximate cost of digging = ₦8,000

Material Requirement for Concrete work/Blinding

For a standard foundation of 150 mm base-thickness, assuming 0.45 m (breadth or height) and 85.5 m (length of entire building) = 5.77125 m3. We need

10 bags of cement @ ₦3,700 each = ₦37,000

20 tonnes of sand x 2 = ₦90,000

20 tonnes of Granite = ₦130,000

If the soil is good, firm and dry we will not need a reinforced bar (Rebar).

Litres of water as needed.

Labour = ₦25,000

Approximate cost of concrete work = ₦282,000

Material Requirements for Laying Foundation Blocks

We will be using 9″ blocks and laying 4 coaches. Materials needed are12 bags of cement @ ₦3,700 each = ₦44,400

644 pieces of 9″ vibrated blocks (including 10 percent wastage) @ ₦270 each = ₦173,880

Plumbing work = ₦40,000

The remaining sand from concrete work serves here.

Labour = ₦50,000

Approximate cost of laying foundation blocks = ₦263,880
danbel 3 bedroom bungalow

danbel 3 bedroom bungalow

Material Requirement for Filling

Along with laying the foundation, it is recommended that you dig the soak-away and septic tank. That manner, the soil dug up from the soak-away pit, septic tank, and well can be used to fill the foundation. You’ll save money on sand trips for foundation filling if you do it this way. It also saves you money on cleaning the dug-up dirt if you aren’t going to use it for infill. If you follow the following advice, you may just need a few trips of sand if the soil dug up from the well and septic tank isn’t sufficient. So,

3 trips of 20 tonnes laterite (fairly clayey) at ₦22,000 = ₦66,000

Labour = ₦15,000

To allow the foundation filling to compact naturally, water it for some hours and leave it for days (or some weeks) before flooring.

Approximate cost of filling foundation = ₦81,000

Material Requirement for Foundation Casting/Flooring

25 bags of cement @ ₦3,700 = ₦92,500

Waterproof/nylon = ₦15,000

The remaining granite and sand from concrete work served here.

Labour = ₦25,000

Approximate cost of flooring = ₦132,500

Material Requirements for Septic Tank, Soak-away pit and Well

Construct the septic tank, soak-away pit, and well first to have water for the work and sand for filling the foundation later.700 pieces of 6″ vibrated blocks @ ₦250/block (for a septic tank of 3m x 3m x 3m) = ₦175,000.

22 bags of cement @ ₦3,700 = ₦81,400 (including plastering).

Number of well-rings as required.

Sand and granite from concrete work served here.

Labour for septic tank, soak-away pit and well = ₦100,000

Approximate cost of constructing both the septic tank, soak-away and well = ₦356,400.

Total cost for stage 1 = ₦1,123,780 (excluding the cost of well-rings)

Stage 2: DPC to Lintel Level

This stage starts from the German floor to the level before roofing. It covers the main block work, including wall partitions for the various rooms. Again, ensure you get a Bill of Quantities for your building plan as that is the only way to know the exact material requirements for your house.

Material Requirement and Labour for block work

2100pcs of 6” stone dust vibrated blocks @ ₦300 = ₦630,000.

(The price will increase if you use 9” blocks)

15 tonnes of sharp sand = ₦49,000

30 bags of cement @ ₦3,700 = ₦111,000

Labour = ₦120,000

Approximate cost of block work = ₦910,000.

(This includes the two coaches of blocks after lintel)

Material Requirement for Lintel Casting

20 length of 12mm rod @ ₦4,000/length = ₦80,000

10 length of stirrups @ ₦800/length = ₦8,000

35 length of 1x12x18 wood @ ₦1,700/length = ₦59,500

Nails plus wire for binding = ₦18,000

8 bags of cement @ ₦3,700 = ₦29,600

The remaining sand was used here.

The remaining granite from concrete work served here too.

Labour plus carpenter = ₦50,000

Approximate cost of the lintel level = ₦245,100
The total cost for stage 2 = ₦1,155,100.

Stage 3: Roofing

The cost of roofing varies based on the type of roofing materials you choose to use. So, the price below is for this project. Endeavour to get the BoQ for your house plan and design.

Material Requirements for Roofing

320 length of 2x3x12 wood @ ₦900 = ₦288,000

45 length of 2x6x12 @ ₦980 = ₦44,100

25 length of 1x12x12 wood @ ₦1,700 = ₦42,500

1 bag of 2″ nails @ ₦6,000

1 bags of 3″ nails @ ₦6,000

1 bag of 4″ nails @ ₦6,500

Aluminium (0.45mm thick) roofing, transportation and Labour = ₦800,000

The total cost for stage 3 = ₦1,193,100

Note: You can reduce your roofing cost by at least 20% by using the more modern and classy skillion roof (also called the shed roof).

Stage 4: Finishing

The final stage covers plastering, wiring, plumbing, fixing windows and doors, tiling, painting, and so on. The cost here varies according to your taste. Below is an estimate for a very modest finishing.

Material Requirements for Electrical works

Wires, Pipes, Conduit Boxes, and other necessary materials = ₦550,000

Material Requirements for Mechanical and Plumbing Works

Kitchen sink, Pipes, WC, Washing Hand Basin, Overhead Tank, Shower, and other necessary materials = ₦700,000

Material Requirements for Ceiling

Woods for nogging, P.O.P Sheets, External wood finishing, PVC Boards, Tank nails, and other necessary materials plus labour = ₦450,000

Material Requirements for Windows and Doors

Windows, doors, burglary proof, and fixtures plus labour = ₦500,000

Material Requirements for Wall Rendering and Painting

Plastering and painting plus labour = ₦500,000

Material Requirements for Floor Finishes

Tiles and others plus labour = ₦250,000

Total cost for stage 4 = ₦2,950,500

Now we add the prices from each section to get the total cost.

Grand Total = Building Plan + Land Preparation + Stage 1 + Stage 2 + Stage 3 + Stage 4

Grand Total = ₦6,971,980

There you go! Once you get land, you can build and move into your 3-bedroom flat with less than ₦6,971,980!!

With adequate supervision and expert labour price negotiation, you are sure to save at least 10 per cent cost from each section.

Remember that the above cost is for this project. All the quantities of materials mentioned include a margin for wastage. Meaning you can reduce the cost by reducing waste and using alternative building materials. But never cut corners or hire bad labourers in a bid to cut down on cost. You’ll only end up spending more.


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