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Top six tips to consider to avoid losing money in real estate.

Posted by DanbelProInv on May 26, 2021

While real estate is a highly profitable business, investors lose a lot of money each year due to bad real estate investments. Is it, however, sensible to live in fear of losing money?

You’re unlikely to start investing in real estate if you believe the answer is “yes.” You will never take any serious action if you are constantly afraid of an anvil falling on your head like in a Looney Toons cartoon. This will also eliminate any serious chances of success for you. The consequences of assuming real estate investing is a gamble incorrectly are severe.

If you believe the answer is “no,” you may wonder what factors prevent someone from losing money in real estate. Is it simply a matter of knowing when to buy and when to sell? Is it only found in getting great bargains? Or are there more puzzle pieces to be found?

If we can understand what causes folks to lose money in real estate, we can take preventive measures to ensure it doesn’t happen to us. While no investment is without risk, smart investors understand there are certainly precautions that can be taken to mitigate that risk. As a first-time, repeat, or serial investor in real estate, the chances of exposure to a loss per investment is high but experiencing loss while entering real estate can be prevented. You do not have to be held in the jaw of a lion to know or believe that it devours. Below, are seven tips to always keep in mind when buying real estate.

Assess your real estate investing knowledge

Consider the following question: What do I know about investing in real estate in the area where I want to invest? If you want to avoid losing money in real estate, you should ask this question.

That you were born in a place or a family involved in the real estate business does not mean that real estate investing skills come to you by default. Intentional learning is required to avoid loss and succeed in real estate investing.


The sales pitch should get your attention first before your money.

Hundreds of sales pitches are thrown at you every day in the real estate market. A sales pitch isn’t bad, but it can be a trap. What’s bad is when you get too excited about a deal and disregard caution. For example, you should determine how and when these benefits apply to you.

Having a clear picture of your investment goals that is backed up by a plan, as well as sitting down to calculate the cost of investing before you begin, can help a lot. Even if you want to bite off more than you can chew, do so with caution and a well-thought-out strategy. Hope isn’t a viable strategy.

Watch out for too good to be true deals

Real estate can provide returns ranging from a few percent to over a hundred percent per year. The return on investment is not the same as the value of appreciation. For a certain level and frequency of return on investment to be possible, certain factors must be in place. A few of those factors are strategic location, the type of investment, and the structure of the investment.

Take some time to consider an offer that appears to be too good to be true but piques your interest. Get answers to your questions about the offer. The quality of your questions is determined by your understanding of real estate investing. This is why financial literacy is so crucial. Don’t be in a hurry, and don’t procrastinate.

Understand the terms

A guide or document is usually included with most real estate products. Read and comprehend the terms and conditions. If necessary, seek interpretation. If you find anything unclear, make a note of it and send an email to the company or representative who made you an offer. Send emails to keep track of records for future visits. Understanding the rules and laws is essential to investing in real estate with minimal risk.

Company status

Check on the status of the company giving you an offer from time to time. This is to ensure that your investment is existent and protected as you fulfil all financial obligations. Companies may exist today and fold up the next minute. The earlier you can make your purchase stand-alone to the extent to which it can be, the better. This may mean getting your allocation done or taking possession as soon as possible. Get appropriate documents and register them.

Most people buying real estate in Lagos in 2021 will do so through a development company. There are hundreds of companies with a thousand offers. Choosing the best-fit offer can be a tall order. Yet, it is wise to know how to sift through these offerings if you are a smart investor. This way, you eliminate confusion and reduce the chance of losses.

Conducting thorough due diligence before buying any real estate offering is a way to sift offers. However, in a situation where there are many mouth-watering offers, buying from a registered and reliable Real Estate Company is ideal. A company that gives you confidence in the offer you chose to buy. A company that allows you some level of control and one that you can use, rinse and repeat. Danbel Properties and Investments Limited is that Company. Contact us today to start your real estate investment journey.


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