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Posted by DanbelProInv on January 15, 2021
When Realtors urge clients to buy land, clients most times think the push is born out of desperation to make sales.
It is true that Realtors and Real Estate Companies have one major goal: SALES
However, Realtors who have sold for years have seen Clients come back to buy the same property they refused to buy earlier at higher prices. Most clients even miss out completely on a property and it sells out before they take action.
Clients are mostly bothered by the lack of development around Ibeju Lekki and this could deter them from buying land however this is a big mistake.
We have seen over the years that an area can develop rapidly in as little as 2 years if there is a just cause.
In the case of Ibeju Lekki, the Lekki Free zone and it’s surrounding businesses is enough reason to spark rapid development in the area. With the launch of the refinery planned for 2021, which will employ about 50,000 new staff members, there is no better time to invest in Ibeju Lekki than NOW.
One major thing that drives clients away is the lack of complete money. This can be remedied through installment payments. At Danbel Properties and Investment Limited, we have provided flexible payment plans for our clients to help them achieve their dream of owning land. You can see everything about our two available estates by clicking the link below


Before you procrastinate buying that land, remember that land in Nigeria unlike other parts of the world has been on a bullish run for decades, thanks to the rapid urbanization rate in Sub-Saharan Africa.



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