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Omo Onile or Real Estate Companies? Who should I buy land from?

Posted by DanbelProInv on November 28, 2020

Buying land anywhere in Nigeria is an arduous process. From dealing with the family (families in some cases) that own the land. If you decide to go directly to the community, finding genuine landowners with available land for sale is one task not many people are able of handling effectively. When you decide to go through agents, except you have a trusted agent, you still risk falling in the hands of scammers. However, you don’t have to go through these processes if you buy from a real estate company. Here are a few reasons why you should always choose buying land from a registered and licensed real estate company over buying from Omo Onile.

  1. You are familiar with the source. In some instances, more than two families may own a property and one family member’s greed could drive him or her behind the family to sell the land while he or she is not the sole owner of the land. After selling the property, this person could run and leave you with disputes to deal with other family members. In the case of a very unusual land dispute, you can easily trace the owners of the real estate company.
  2. You do not have to claim ownership of the land. Whenever you buy a fallow land from Omo Onile, if you don’t build a wall/fence around that land, you could lose the land to trespassers and other criminals who could resell your land to other unsuspecting buyers. With Real Estate companies, once you complete your payment, your preferred plot is allocated to you immediately. Even if you don’t fence the land, you are rest assured that nobody can trespass on that land. [blog_slider title=”” count=”5″ category=”” category_multi=”” more=”0″ style=”” navigation=””]
  3. Documentation is done for you. Real Estate companies already have lawyers who handle all documentation required to show that you are the true owner of the land. This takes away the burden you may face when searching for a good property lawyer.
  4. Availability of installment payments. Unlike Omo Oniles, Real Estate companies offer you the option to pay in full or in installments. If an Omo Onile offers you this option, there is a high chance that before the completion of that payment, the land would have been sold off to another buyer.
  5. Secure and Serene Environment. Before Real estate companies sell land on an estate, a surveyor would have drawn out the estate layout and plan. Most Estates are also safe in an enclosed environment with Security at the gate who vet each visitor before letting them in.

Though buying directly from Omo Onile is cheaper, when you are ready to build, you will pay almost double the amount you paid for the land trying to settle one trouble or the other. To be on the safer side buy from a registered real estate company like Danbel Properties and Investments Limited.

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